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We focus on one service and that is helping our clients fight online piracy and unauthorized use of copyrighted works. No matter what type of content you need removed we can help. Our DMCA takedown service is meant to stop content thieves in their tracks. We offer monitoring services, takedown services, follow-up services, and consulting services. We also can help you when someone files a counter claim against your DMCA takedown requests.

Where Are You Located?
We are located in VA near Virginia Tech College (VT). We also have an affiliate office in Charlotte NC.

What Form Of Payments Do You Accept?
We accept major credit cards/Paypal, checks by phone, fax, and online. We also accept bank wires from all over the country. Paypal is our payment processor for most services. Monthly contract clients pay VIA direct bank debit (electronic check).   

What Is The DMCA?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) makes major changes to copyright law and attempts to address copyright in the digitally environment. DMCA was passed by the U.S. Congress on Oct. 12th 1998 and signed into Law on Oct 28th 1998 by President William (Bill) Clinton. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is U.S. copyright legislation that implements the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Performances and Phonograms Treaty and the 1996 WIPO Copyright Treaty. DMCA prevents the unauthorized duplication of digital copyrighted works by regulating digital intellectual property (IP) owners and consumers. Since DMCA was passed in 1998, similar bills and legislation have been adopted internationally.

How long does the DMCA Takedown Process Take?
We take action for or clients usually within 48 hours or faster if arranged or implied. It also depends on the type of website and where is is hosted. Usually a website will comply within 3 days and sometimes in as little as 24 hours. If the website/host ignores the request there are many other options to make them comply.

What if a website or host refuses to take something down?
There are many solutions to this problem. We have several methods to enforce a takedown. If they do not comply access to their pages will most likely be blocked or the pages will be blacklisted/de-indexed from search results and the internet.

I Have Never Filed For A Legal Copyright With The Gov. - Can I Still Use The DMCA Takedown Process?
Yes - You DO NOT need a federal or Gov. copyright filed on your content to claim infringement. We can help you with or without a "real" copyright legally documented on paper.

Can You Remove A Private Photo Of Myself or Mine That Someone (Like An Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend Posted Online?
Yes we can help you remove private photos from the internet, facebook, Google Search, and also remove private information from dating sites and more!

How many DMCA takedowns can you handle?
As many as you can pay for. We are ready and able to handle thousands of takedowns on a weekly basis if needed.

Does A Single Order (1 Takedown Service) Cover any and all websites that display my content/copyrighted material?
Each takedown order covers 1 site or host that is displaying your content. If there are multiple offending websites we have to create, submit, track, and administer multiple takedowns. We offer multiple packages that will help you save on multiple takedowns.

What Information Do I Need For A DMCA Takedown?
“Your name, email address and a link to the website with the infringing content. A link (URL) to your web page or another location/link to find the original content (If you are requesting a search engine remove a link the keywords that pull up the link and the link/URL). A short explanation of the situation and authorization allowing DMCAGENIE to proceed with the takedown request.

Why Should I Use DMCAGENIE.COM and Not A Lawyer To Help Me?
We are far cheaper and faster than an attorney when it comes to DMCA issues. Also an attorney charges a retained and does not guarantee their service. We do guarantee our service will solve your problem or your money back. Also DMCA is all we do and we o it everyday all day for our clients. We have nothing to distract us from your DMCA case.

Can the DMCA Takedown be challenged or countered by the other party?
The DMCA provides a process that allows for someone who was accused of infringing on a copyright and had their content removed to send written notice that the material has been wrongly removed. If a proper “counter claim” claims that the material does not infringe copyrights, the ISP/Web host must promptly notify the party who sent the Takedown notice of the individual’s counter claim. If the copyright owner does not take proper action within 14 days, the ISP/Web host is then required to restore the material to its previous location. Not to worry there is a fix for this issue and we help/advise our clients on how to deal with counter claims at no extra charge.

How Much Does A DMCA Takedown Cost?

Prepaid DMCA Packages

Monthly DMCA Packages

1 Takedown Service


Basic Monthly

Professional Monthly

5 Takedown Service $225

50-100 Takedowns

250-500 Takedowns

10 Takedown Service $375

Priority Service+

 Express Service + Extras

25 Takedown Service $549

$1495 / Per Month

$4200 / Per Month

Custom Solutions & Services Available - Monthly packages have a 3 month contract.

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Our DMCA Takedown Service Can Help With:

Music - Videos - Images/Pictures - Website Content/Text/Logos - E-Books / Books   Sofware/Apps/Games - Web Themes/Templates - Articles/Blog Posts - And More!

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